Monday, February 11, 2008

Puppy Love

My extreme puppy lust has been exacerbated by the opening of an adoption drive taking place about 10 steps from my office sponsored by Pedigree® . Naturally I had to stop by and was pretty impressed by the set up:

(Free Coffee House)

(Featured Puppies)

(the area to play with the dogs)

(the escalator down to the street)

The PEDIGREE® DOGSTORE is a two-week celebration of The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive, which helps millions of shelter and breed rescue dogs find loving homes.

At the DOGSTORE, you'll have a chance to learn more about dog adoption and rub the bellies of some of New York's most eligible adoptable dogs as they play in our indoor dog park.

And while you're there, shop for exclusive Dogs Rule® merchandise—with all profits going to help shelter dogs.

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