Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wax poetic..Err I mean Pornographic?

I already told you that wax replicas of real people (or not so real) freak me out. This is definitely taking it to far:

The statue of Jameson, 32, shows her wearing next to nothing, while kneeling on a bearskin rug. Visitors who touch her tattoos will hear the statue whisper sexy messages. Jameson says after her wax likeness is unveiled, "This is an awesome honor... especially since I'm making history as the first personality from the adult world to have an attraction at Madame Tussauds, and it is happening in Las Vegas, my hometown."

Jameson introduced the life-sized statue at a special ceremony. It is shown wearing a "Jenna" black leather belt with her name written in rhinestones. She says to the New York Post, "It looks so real." Visitors can take photographs with the wax Jameson. She is displayed next to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Are you for real? OK. Don't answer that. The part that kills me is if you rub her tattoos you hear "her" whisper sexy messages. Umm. Such as?

3 comments: said...

Cool ~ Thanks for sharing :D

D said...

I agree with you about the creepiness of wax likenesses. I was in Niagara Falls not too long ago, and the Canadian side is chock full of creepy wax museums. Standing outside the Trussaud museum to attract passers by was the Pope, hanging out with Tiger Woods. Ew and ew. Almost as creepy as talking animals with moving mouths.

Ashbloem said...

I gotta admit, I kind of like this one.

Maybe because porn stars look kind of waxy to begin with.