Friday, April 07, 2006

Wild Kindgom on our Doorstep

In front of my office, we have a pretty little man-made pond, waterfall and manicured bushes. Sometime ago, someone stocked our little pond with a lovely variety of goldfish. Some were small and bright orange, some were large and pale white. Occasionally we'd see some of the staff, and the people who live in the condos across the way, feeding them. It was nice to walk across the bridge over the pond every morning and evening and see them swimming happily about.

Then came the ducks.

We were all excited when a male and female mallard couple made our pond their home. They waddled around, swimming, shaking their tail feathers. People 'Oooh'd' and 'ahhhh'd' and we all started having dreams of baby ducklings taking their first dip in our little pond.

Then the fish started to disappear.

Did you know that ducks eat goldfish? I didn't. I guess it isn't so strange, but it's sort of sad. Those were our fish, now they're all dead, yesterday's lunch.

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haji-o-matic said...

Cycle of life...Eat or be eaten! I can make duck l'orange on the grill....