Friday, December 16, 2005

The Terra Show

Last night was the company Christmas...errrr I mean Holiday Party. In a rare turn of events, I woke up this morning to find a ton of photos of me in my camera. How strange! Reilly and I went to get MAC makeovers before the festivities, so I must have been more eager than usual to show off.

There were other pictures too. But not many.

Some fun facts about the party:

- A senior manager threw up on a president
- 3 people were taken away in ambulances
- 250 magnums of wine were consumed
- about 10 staff were kicked out or cut off
- the entire party was shut down by the club an hour early because of liability concerns
- some staff were seen dancing, then puking over the railing of the dance floor, then returning to getting their groove on
- 5 men in kilts
- three girls were still throwing up in the bathroom when the club closed down, one of which was on the floor with her undies around her ankles unable to get up
- one staff member couldn't remember where she lived, so the taxi just dropped her off somewhere in the vicinity of her house.
- a jr manager stopped a president from accidentally leaving a $800 tip on a $400 bar tab. He claimed he was in no state to do any math

The funny thing here is, no one who knows this place would find any of the above antics surprising. Ahh. Good times. Yeah.


Notyomomma said...

TAKEN AWAY IN AMBULANCES?? That is seriously the craziest party I've ever heard of.

I would very much like to attend next year.

haji-o-matic said...

Glad the taxi dropped you near enough to your house so you tell us ALL about it. (got the phone number of the woman on the floor??...I'm just asking is all...)

Anonymous said...

Wooo woooo...Cleavage and drunk chicks...sounds like the PERFECT party!!!