Friday, July 29, 2005

Sunday! It's the new Saturday!

OK, normally Mondays definitely do NOT rock. But in August they DO! Why? I have taken a month of Mondays off from work. 4 weeks of 4-day weeks! Sweet!'s the new Saturday!

What do I plan to do:

hang with my sister
hang with superette (when they get back)
go to the beach
ride my bike
visit Steph in NY (Hi Steph, you don't know this yet, but I am coming for a visit in August!)
Hit the MFA
Go to a matinee
read by the river
Stay up late on Sunday nights

What I will not be doing:

Calling the office
checking my email
blogging (well....maybe)
watching Oprah
cleaning the house (it's my vacation for goodness sake!)
keeping an eye on Mus

only about 2 more weeks of vacation that I have to spend before Dec 31 (I get a whopping 37 days this year). Any suggestions?


Ashbloem said...

I see there is a paucity of "hanging with Ashbloem" on the list of things you will be doing.


Terra said...

Well OF COURSE I will be hanging out with Ashbloem. That should go without saying (seriously, do you have Monday off??)

Anonymous said...

Please please come to NY and visit! Vineyards, Fire Island, Long Beach...LONG ISLAND ICE TEAS! No excuses! Your 37 days are making me jealous.
xo Steph

haji-o-matic said...

Go to've already done that.
Cultivate friends who also have Mondays off.
Hang around homeless people...they have Mondays off...

haji-o-matic said...

If you want Fun Travel and Adventure.....come visit me...that should burn about 2 weeks...
and who can say they have a passport stamp from AFGHANISTAN?
(you'll be just in time for the poppy harvest!!)