Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pic of the day: Naked on Rollerskates

Ever wish you could find a poster of that kitchy vintage pulp paperback cover from that book hidden way back on your mom's shelf? Well, this is the place for you: The Pod Gallery.

In their own words:

PODpublishing is a New York City basedpublisher of fine art prints.We offer thousands of images for sale using our own web-basedPrint On Demand system,which we also make available to artists,galleries and institutions.

By chance have you been searching high and low for that 44 x 55'' Canvas Giclee Print of Reform School Girl by Felice Swados? Here you go!

Also available in convenient notecard sizes! Choose from the Kinky Set, the Queer Set, the Hippie Set, the Drugs set, Cheescaket set 1, Cheescake set 2.

Now you know what to give your Mom for Mother's Day!

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