Monday, March 21, 2005

Like, Totally!

I love the 80s!

When was the last time you grooved out to Madonna's Holiday? Lucky me, my friend Rob plays synthesizer (and a few other instruments from what I gather) for
The Reganomics-- a fantastic local 80s cover band. Even with a brand new singer leading the band, and a venue not extremely conducive to live music, they sounded great.

Here's a shot of the band, sadly you can't really see the lead guitarist's Karate Kid headband too clearly in this shot. What a great 80's accessory.

In this one you can get a better sense of the annoying TV (highlighting March Madness basketball) backing the band:

The only real unfortunate part of the evening were these two very drunk dudes pictured below who kept trying to play grab-ass with my friend Alyssa and me, and presumably every other girl in the bar. It must have been the bachelor party of the short one since--get this-- he had a real bowling ball and chain attached to his ankle. I know this because the ball accidentally hit me and it was damn heavy. I feel sorry for his poor fiance who was also somewhere in the room, since he was all over just about any girl within arms reach. ew. I think Alyssa came close to kicking him in the nuts when he and his friends suggested it would be fun if she showed them her boobs.

Ah, well. It was a good night out. Tomorrow I am off to London, so it will be a short blogging week.

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