Friday, March 11, 2005

Fiedler's Friends

Pic of the day: Fiedler

This is Fiedler, who is master of the house at Ann and Dabney's, who I had the pleasure to visit last night for some great food, lively conversation full of wild gesticulations and a short yet intense round of Texas Hold'em. Around the table were also my dear Ashlee, Liza, and Jeremy. I was very pleased with myself that I was not the first to go out in poker (sorry, Dabney) and in the last hand I even managed to "steal the blind" whatever that means. I am convinced that any success I have with poker is pure luck. Jeremy tried to teach us some skills, some tactics, some tricks of the game, but I have to admit that all were lost upon me. I get the feeling that thinking about strategy too much might take some of the fun out of the game for me. That's why I am doomed to be a very poor poker player. But I have fun while I lose. Same with pool. So now you know that you should always invite me to be at your poker table, since you are most likely to come away the big winner. Just don't gloat.

I also had fun shooting a few pics of Fiedler and Ashlee, who Fiedler apparently worships. She must keep treats in her pockets although this picture below seems to indicate that really the tables are turned and it is Ashlee who is worshiping Sir Fiedler.


Le Synge Bleu said...

i am clueless when it comes to poker as well - anytime i have the slightest bit of success its by pure chance. don't even get me started on pool! i'm not a big one for strategy either, so mostly i lose with flair too.

SunGrooveTheory said...

Awwwww toooo cute!!