Thursday, June 21, 2007

Keepin' On

It has been strange, these first days of my recent unemployment. There are moments of extreme stress followed by extreme optimism and a massive sense of relief. I was invited back by the company that I interviewed with on Tuesday, so that is tremendously encouraging. My second interview yesterday seemed to go well. Who knows? Monday I could very well have a job offer to ponder. And if not, well, I know something else will come along. Well, sometimes I know that and sometimes I think I am royally screwed.

This makes me think about the importance of career confidence. Is this a woman's issue? It seems to me that my female friends are more likely to get down on themselves when things go wrong at work than my men friends. Men seem to say, "F-that" and move on while women say, "was it me?" Yes, I am generalizing, inappropriately perhaps.

My mantra of late has been "its just a job", and I repeat that over and agin. I feel blessed to have moved into a cycle of life where work is no longer the central focus of my existance. It is definitely important to me to find a job that I find personally rewarding, but my priorities have certainly shifted.

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