Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Easy Come, Easy to Let Go

I quit my job today.

Thanks to everyone who sent encouraging text messages, emails and comments here on the blog. It was the right thing to do. A little rash maybe, but I know I would never have been truly happy there. Why waste time running in place?

I feel nervous about what is to come next, but feel pretty good that it was the right decision.


Is it so much to ask to find a job that I will actually want to get up for every day? Or at least some days?


Ashbloem said...

My phone is out! I will have a new one in 2-5 days! I can't believe you quit, but YAY FOR YOU.

haji-o-matic said...

I'd rather walk other peoples dogs.

Better that,than be zombie food!!

"do not annoy a dragon, for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup"
or something like that.

Tot Zeins baby!

OH.....on an unrelated note:
Urinals with a fly in the bottom are NOT just at Schiphol! I saw one in the resturant my last night there.

Jeff said...

wow.. congrats... I don't want you to feel bad, because I myself would have doubts about commitment even though I know for SURE it would be wrong. Kind of going through it now. But from an outsider's perspective, kudos! Good luck, and we will need to talk soon!