Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I've been informed by dear Stephanie that I am sooo Jetrosexual.

What is Jetrosexual you might ask? According to a CNN article about a Virgin Atlantic Ultimate Jetrosexual Contest:

Ignoring borders and time zones, they make the world smaller with each journey, the company said, and it is these travelers that have made the airline a successful venture for Virgin.
But that's not enough. There are 11 commandments to determine whether or not you qualify as the Ultimate Jetrosexual. See below for a complete list.

I don't think I actually qualify... I am a notoriously heavy packer and it's a bit of a stretch to claim I leave terra firma behind in order to move business and culture forward. But I am no chatty cathy nor do I own an inflatable pillow (it's a föm pillow, dammit).

A quick Google search indicates that this term is actually not so new. To quote Philip Sherburne's Blog entry from September 2004:

I may be a jetrosexual, but damn if it ain't giving me rugburn.

Indeed. Well, the prize for the Ultimate Jetrosexual Contest are two upper class plane tickets to London. And you know I am having quite the love affair with London this year. Deadline to enter is Sept 15...hmmm, that gives me just enough time to figure out how to order a beer in 2 more languages.


Anonymous said...

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Ashbloem said...

I don't meet qualifications 2 & 3. I mean, I DO travel Economy Class, but because I don't have any choice - not exactly to keep myself humble.

haji-o-matic said...

mechu-tu-ge-juseyo (2 beers please)in KOREAN

Too bad they don't serve beer here in Afghanistan or I would give you the lingooooooooo