Friday, June 10, 2005

Vigeland Park: Oslo

One of my favorite stops on my recent trip was a visit to Vigeland Park in Oslo. This 80 acre sculpture park contains 212 statues by Gustav Viegland.

Here is an overview shot of part of the park:

On the bridge of the park there are 58 bronze sculptures representing various stages of life. Here are a few of my favorites:






The park ends with one final sculpture: The Wheel of Life. From the park's website, "The wheel is a symbol of eternity and is here executed as a garland of women, children and men holding on to each other. In a sense, this sculpture sums up the dramatic theme of the entire park: Man's journey from cradle to grave, through happiness and grief, through fantasy, hope and wishes of eternity."


Notyomomma said...

Those sculptures rock! I love the adolescent one- whee! And the I'm in love with my hair adolescent one.

Terra said...

The "I Love My Hair" one was my absolute favorite!