Wednesday, May 11, 2005


This is too much. Since so many of my faithful readers are friends of the feline persuasion (well, at least one of you is) I thought I would share this site with you: KITTENWAR!

Go to the site and vote WHICH kitty is the cutest. Then they then rank the cats from cutest....

This is how Jinx has performed in 54 battles:
Won: 42 (78%)
Lost: 7 (13%)
Drawn: 5 (9%)

to the... not so cute...

This is how Scary Cat has performed in 1669 battles:
Won: 196 (12%)
Lost: 1311 (79%)
Drawn: 162 (10%)

To quote George W., "It's hard work" choosing which kitty is really the cutest... since even the ugly ones are really actually cute too. Awww. Kitty.

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