Saturday, January 01, 2011

Well, Hello there.

So the blog is now password protected. Doing that sort of makes me sad since you never know what new friends you might come across in this here blogosphere. I liked that people could just stumble upon it and read stories and then go on their merry way. I liked writing for a public audience.

But as I mentioned, there are topics I don't write about because I am, by nature, a worrier. As I have one foot in to the job market, I wouldn't want to put some things out there for a potential (or my existing) employer to see. And I would like to share with you more about what my life is like living in New York with my in-laws, but not to an open audience.

So I am holding interravision a little closer to my chest. At least for a little while. The people I have granted access to are just a few close friends and my family. People whose blogs I read, who I think have been following mine over time.

I hope you'll keep reading. Happy New Year.

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JLo said...

Happy New Year Terra and Damir!