Monday, November 03, 2008


We didn't get too many political ads here in the state of NY; we can't be categorized as being even close to swing. However, tonight I have seen the same McCain ad play over and over showing Reverend Wright footage (during the SNL "Presidential Bash"). This is how McCain is choosing to showcase himself in these final hours. I guess I shouldn't be surprise at this last desperate attempt.

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annie-san said...

It sure is different now that we live in real live battleground state. EVERY ad is a political one. It's remarkable really. Obama ads outnumber the McCain ones 3 to 1 at least. However, McCain has still got a 1% lead. Living in liberal STL is like living in little blue pocket on big old red Santa suit, if you know what I mean. -- * I saw those same Rev. Wright McCain ads last night, too. I am pretty sure they weren't official McCain campaign commercials though. It seems that they come from one of those Republican interest groups, a la the swift boat people from 2004.