Sunday, March 02, 2008


A hobby I have picked up along the way is trying to restore old photos. It's not an easy hobby, since its not like I really know what I am doing. But regardless, I enjoy the process of trying to make something old look a little new.

Sabrija, Damir's stepmom, came across some old Passport photos today. Well, not THAT old, maybe about 15 years or so. But they were bent and somewhat damaged, so I scanned them in to see what I could do. These aren't finished, but it's a start...

Here is the original:

You can see there are a lot of cracks and scratches. Here below is my cleaned up version:

Damir's dad's photo is pretty good, except for a scratch right on the middle of the eyeball that looks like a cataract from afar:

So I figured out how to cut and past his clean eyeball into the socket of the old one:

I didn't save the original photo of Damir, but here is the touched up version. He's about 9 years old in this picture:

Its not an easy photo to retouch since the entire thing is very speckled and slightly blurry. The clean up version looks more like a painting than a photo. But he's still damn cute anyway.

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