Sunday, September 23, 2007

I. Am. An. Asshole.

I shouldn't have posted that blog last week in which I joked about the office curse.

I am an asshole.

Unbeknownst to me, on that same day, my elderly grandmother was admitted to the hospital in very serious condition. She has since been released, but the prognosis isn't great. Blood clots formed in her lungs and did some damage to her heart. She is now resting at her home in Chicago, which is exactly where she wants to be right now. She isn't in any pain.

I am not really superstitious enough to believe that my posting had any affect on Gram's health, but still it also has made me realize that it was pretty insensitive.

I am thinking of heading to Chicago next weekend. She won't necessarily know that I am there, but I want to be there for my Mom and other family members. Once again I curse the fact that I am far away from my family, and to be with them when they need a hand to hold proves harder than it should be.

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Ashbloem said...

Girl, you aren't an asshole. Call me anytime.