Friday, September 14, 2007

Curse of the Office?

In the short 8 weeks or so since I have been at my new job, I have counted:

- 7 Hospitalizations of either a staff member or their immediate family
- 5 Funerals attended by staff members (and not of any of the people who were hospitalized)

Isn't this strange? I find that every few days or so when I come to the office in the morning and check the overnight voicemail there is one left from a staff member either at the hospital or on their way to a funeral. We sort of joke about it, even though it really isn't that funny.

So, friends and family, be warned. Apparently by accepting this job I have put your lives in peril. But the job goes so well that I can't be bothered to quit, just to help you out. Sorry.

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