Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hunting the Head Hunter

OK. I need to find a head hunter.

Yes, yes, some of you have been telling me I need to do this for a while and I am finally giving in. I don't know exactly why I am so reticent. It just sort of feel like I should be able to do this myself. Why do I need someone to do this for me??

But here is the problem: where do I find one? I don't want to just look in the yellow pages. Do I sign up for a bunch or just one? HOW DOES IT WORK??

I also need to find health insurance, but I just can't think about that right now. Its just too tedious.


ann & dabney said...

boba fett... he was head hunter, no?! oh, wait a minute... he was a bounty hunter. never mind.

haji-o-matic said...

Ask ASH...she'd know.