Monday, September 25, 2006

If a car travels 18.75 miles in 30 minutes...

I had an interview on Friday for a "Corporate Trainer" position for a staffing firm. The job sounds pretty good, actually. I would be training the sales staff on how to better negotiate positions between candidates and clients. The office is in the middle of Times Square, but is hideously ugly. Grey walls, grey carpet, no windows. Who thought this was a good thing? I can see it now...

Office designer: Ohh, look at this color! I love it! It's so bleak and boring! GREY !
Manager: YES! Awesome! People will be so bored by their office environment that they will be forced to work Work WORK!
Office designer: Why, YES! I never thought of that, perfect!

The funny thing was that after a great interview with a lovely Irish woman, I had to take a test. In 12 minutes I had to answer as many questions as I could. The questions tested my math, vocabulary and logic skills. Ugh! I wasn't ready for it at all. When is the last time YOU added fractions?? If I get to the second interview, I have to take another test, this one takes about 2 hours and tests my psychological ability to handle this job. Wha??

OK, in other news, I have a confession to make.

I got the fake nails. What's worse, I got them in the "french manicure" style. You know what they say... when in Rome...

They look awesome.

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