Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh, What to Do?

I am big on birthdays.
I don't know why, I just am like that. I like to throw a big party, or go somewhere new and chic to celebrate in style. Sometimes I can wrangle friends or family to come with my, like Erin did when we celebrated my 30th at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Las Vegas (beauuuutiful) and sometimes I go on my own, like when I went to Prague solo for my 25th.

Shot of the Ritz Carlton, Lake Las Vegas

Ashbloem's birthday is just a week later than mine, so on occasion we celebrate by throwing big bash together. Most notably, the Divalicious party we threw at Cafe Dante when we lived in Amsterdam. That was awesome. And there were a few wigs, which always livens things up a bit:

Frankie, Dannie & Me at the Divalicious party, Cafe Dante, Amsterdam

This year I am stumped. There won't be a big party, so I am seeking out a good destination. I only have long weekends to spare right now, so I don't want to go too far. I was just looking at Iceland which would be pretty cool. The thing that kills me right now are the taxes slapped on to international flights. I just saw a flight to London where the taxes for the flight were more than the flight price itself. Someone explain that to me!

So, I am looking at domestic destinations, and am thinking about who I can hit up for a place to stay. My brother in Seattle, Dannie in San Fran, Steph in NYC... all good choices. I would, however, really like to go somewhere new. That's why I was thinking Iceland, since it is actually a shorter flight there than to the West Coast-- just 5 hours. Sure it will be damn cold, but it would be fun to see the Northern Lights again (I saw them when I was working in Alaska) and visit the Blue Lagoon.

Maybe I should just stay relatively local and take the cash I would spend on a flight and have one night in a luxurious spa. That would be pretty sweet.

Well, I better get my ass in gear and decide soon or I'll be spending my big day sitting on the couch alone in the dark. Any suggestions from you guys out in blogland?


haji-o-matic said...

Newfunland (sounds fun?)is close and you can stay with that whole freezing-my-ass-off theme.
you can go to exotic Washington NC (right hahahhaha) and visit Dad like you were gonna do.
Bill's Hot Dogs IS worth the trip...

Anonymous said...

Check out the Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires - a Destination Spa in Lenox, MA. I bet they have discounts if you have an IATA card. It looks gorgeous. Google it!
ps Or, San Fran is always an option!

ann & dabney said...

austin(not powers though), baby! come with us! please, oh please!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to come to Palm Springs, CA with me in early Feb or meet me in Phoenix, AZ. I will be in AZ 2/4-2/7. Company is picking up tab for hotel. You are welcome to join. xoSteph