Friday, September 16, 2005

Yeah, well.

This week is shot.

I don't even know where it went. A blur of work, stress, frustration, relief, late nights, sleepless nights, bad dreams, early mornings, heat, humidity, spilled wine, and figuring my shit out.

I am very belated at sending out props to my girl Ashbloem for inviting me to go get makeovers with her and Carrrmen last weekend. It was really dreamy. We celebrated our fresh faces by enjoying a fresh grilled dinner on Ann and Dabs back patio. Carrrrrrmen got surprisingly snap happy and took all kinds of crazy ass photos with her camera-phone. These girls rock.

Ashlee and her MAC magician

She is pretty as a peacock

I went for the smokey-plum look

The tasty grilled dinner

Carrrrmen is snap happy

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lighterate said...

you look like Kathleen Turner in that photo